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Safety Speed currently offers nine different panel saws. Our full line of panel saws are engineered to be low cost, highly efficient, and extremely safe to use. Each machine has a guaranteed alignment built right into the machine and calibrated within factory specifications. We also offer a full line of industrial saw blades which ensure a quality cut for your specific job.


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Model: C4
The C4 and C5 models pack all of the features of the full-size saws into a portable 5' frame. These panel saws can travel to work sites and fit into shops with limited floor space. The C4 is ideal for cutting 4'–8' sheets of material while the new C5 can handle sheets up to 64" wide.

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Model: H-Series
The H-Series offers full-sized vertical panel saw productivity in economical machines. H-Series saws cut within 1/32" on a wide variety of panel materials up to 1¾" thick, and are available in three standard crosscutting widths, 50", 64" and 73". H-Series saws are used in all kinds of panel processing applications.

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Model: 6400/6800
These two vertical panel saws utilize heavy-duty worm gear driven saw motors for production applications. The additional steel supports in the frame, worm driven motor, double guide tube bearings and machined aluminum material rollers result in heavier duty machines with a guaranteed cutting accuracy of 1/64" straight and square. The 6400 cuts panels up to 64" wide, while the 6800 can handle extra wide sheets up to 73".

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Model: 7000
The 7000 vertical panel saw is a high capacity production machine.  This heavy-duty saw offers incredible durability and accuracy at a very affordable price.  Sporting a 3 Hp, 3~ continuous duty induction motor or an optional 2 Hp, 1~ motor this machine will rise to the occasion during the toughest of applications.  The saw carriage rides on two aluminum anodized extruded beams with integrated linear v-guides allowing the machine to deliver an accuracy of .015"

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Model: 7400/7400XL
The 7400 saws are designed for continuous production and tight tolerance cutting. With a 3 horsepower, 3~, 220V heavy-duty induction motor (Also available in 1~), these saws handle the toughest applications. The saw carriage travels vertically on two heavy extruded beams utilizing Dual-Vee bearings to deliver cutting accuracy to 0.005" straight and square. The 7400XL offers an extra large 13' frame length for cutting panels in excess of 10' in length. Specify these machines for heavy production requirements, large panels and close tolerance panel processing applications.

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Model: ES5210
The ES5210 Panel Saw is designed for high production and tight tolerance cutting. The machine is equipped with a 7 Hp, 3~, 220V motor. The European Style traveling carriage traverses the full length of the machine frame to execute cuts on full size sheets up to 61" tall and 130" long with cutting accuracy of 0.005" straight and square. The traveling beam allows the operator to leave the panel stationary while the cutting blade moves both horizontally and vertically.

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“Our Safety Speed Saw, as far as I’m concerned, is the best saw and easiest to use on the market today.  It is safe to use and very reasonably priced.” 

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